We specialise in buying commercial properties for private investors, and have done so for 30 years. With our expertise, network and reputation for delivering in the world of commercial property auctions and private treatise, it pays to work with us to source your ideal investment.

You can learn more about our Acquisition service by watching this short video on our Youtube page.

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Are you a first-time commercial property investor?

If so, don’t worry! Not only can we find you a secure investment that fits your requirements, once we have agreed a deal (or even before), we can recommend an excellent (and reasonably-priced!) Solicitor to perform the necessary legal due diligence and assist with arranging Finance too. We can guide you on structuring the transaction via our in-house Accountant, this could involve setting up a Limited Company or Registering you for VAT. We will monitor the transaction from start to finish, and once acquired, we can take care of the Management and Insurance of the property, leaving you enjoy the income and focus on your next investment!

Where can I see examples of deals you have done?

We divide up all our done and available deals by 4 main budget categories – click on the following budgets which suit you to see a range of opportunities across the UK and if anything looks interesting we will source you something similar: <£500k£500k – £1m£1m – £5m and £5m+

Are you / your funds based outside of the UK?

Then you are in the right place. Foreign buyers often are looking for a particular type of investment, which we can certainly find. They also need a trusted partner on the ground to look after their investment. Our dedicated Foreign Investors page details our service offering for overseas buyers which includes Accounting, Tax & Legal services in addition to our Management service – we can literally take care of everything!

Have you thought about buying in auction?

Many buyers fear auction lots – is there something wrong with them? Why so many last minute addendums & guide price changes? And why do all that work to only be outbid every time?! Fair enough, but having bought and sold thousands of properties in auction over the years, we can guide you through all this and even bid on your behalf to avoid overpaying. Visit our dedicated Auctions page to learn more about this unique service.

What are our fees?

Our acquisition fee is usually charged as a small percentage of the purchase price, but this varies from deal to deal and is subject to a minimum charge. When we send you a deal, the price offered will be inclusive of our fees or our fees will be clearly stated. We do pride ourselves on offering a premium investment service and our fees are justified by our efforts to source quality and deliverable investments, negotiate the lowest price and work with you throughout the acquisition process, which is not always straightforward! If we are marketing a property on behalf of the seller, we won’t charge an acquisition fee, but in that scenario we are acting for them and looking for the highest price.

Can you assist me post-acquisition?

Of course. We can Insure your property on completion or take over the full Management of it. We will list your property on our globally-marketed website as Acquired, as it is not uncommon for clients to sell for a large profit if the right offer comes by. Today we are helping clients Sell, Re-Finance or do Rent Reviews on properties we acquired for them 10 – 20 years ago, ours is a long-term relationship fit for a long-term investment.

To discuss our acquisition services in more depth please contact Vishal on or 0203 113 2141.

Acquisitions Map

  • “As a small investor, I have little access to secure, reasonably priced investments. Many agents are not interested in me and working within auction timescales is not easy. Since coming across Prideview, I have had sight of a number of good deals and have proceeded with two blue-chip investments on two affluent, regional, high streets – meaning my savings are finally working for me.”
    D. Upcraft, Small Business Owner
  • “Being a businessman with little time, partnering with the Prideview team has been very lucrative for me. They have bought a number of blue-chip deals for me in London & the South East, mainly convenience stores, all with 10 years min. unexpired leases. Their reputation amongst selling agents and ability to overcome any legal or other hurdles during the acquisition process certainly justifies their fees, and we are currently working on our next investment.”
    D. Sheth, Food Importer & Distributor
  • “As an agent with a number of large clients struggling to find good quality investments, working with the guys at Prideview has massively helped me offer them a regular flow of investments to consider. Better still, most of these deals are off-market. Initially we only bought in London but since our relationship has grown we have made some great buys in the regions. Long may it continue!”
    R. Lightwing, Private Agent

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