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About The Prideview Group & the London Commercial Real Estate Investment Market

  • We act for numerous foreign investors, overseas family offices and their agents & representatives looking for London commercial real estate and other residential property investments in the UK.
  • Thanks to the UK’s fully-functioning legal system, speed of doing business (evidenced by our renowned property auction market) & the freehold nature of our property, the UK is an ideal destination for foreign investment, and we pride ourselves on our role of welcoming and facilitating real estate investment into London and the rest of the UK.
  • With the GBP currently near a 30 year low, there may not be a better opportunity to pick up a London property investment. To read the latest property news concerning foreign investors, click here.

Foreign Investor Guidance & Advice

  • Foreign investors need to consider a number of things, all of which we can either assist with.
  • To buy a commercial property in the UK, you need an excellent agent to coordinate the whole process, from sourcing the investment to managing and eventually disposing of it, but you also need a good accountant and solicitor to work alongside your agent to enable the deal to be structured and executed efficiently and correctly.
  • For a detailed explanation of all of the key issues any foreign investor in UK property can expect to encounter, read our Guidance for Foreign Investors in UK Property.
  • Any overseas investor needs an experienced and trustworthy UK partner to manage their property – click here to view our Management brochure for a summary of what we can do.
  • We can also assist in arranging Finance for overseas investors, subject to a minimum loan size of £1M. Contact Nilesh for more info.
  • One concern foreign investors have relates to VAT on commercial properties. VAT, although confusing, is not normally a problem – see our Summary of VAT on UK Commercial Property for further clarification on this.

Our Deals for Foreign Investors

  • To discuss your requirements and circumstances in the strictest confidence, contact us to arrange a private consultation by phone, video-conference or in person.
  • The earlier you involve us in the process, the better your success rate will be.
  • Below are some examples of quality real estate investments in London that we’ve acquired for foreign buyers. Once we know your precise requirements, we will source the right deal for you.

Disclaimer: Pins in map may not be accurate if Google Maps cannot find the exact address. In this case an approximation is made. Only pins from current page are shown at one time.

Tesco Watford 1

Tesco Express, Watford, Greater London

Type: Commercial
Status: Acquired
Price: N/A
Auction Analysis May '19

The Library Public House (Entreprise Inn...

Type: Mixed
Status: Sold
Price: N/A
2013-06-03 14.57.28

Tesco Express, East Ham, Greater London

Type: Commercial
Status: Acquired
Price: N/A
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