Giving the Right Impression to Your Clients: Office Space

For business owners, their office is the first point of contact with clients. This means it is the first-time clients see your company, which will create a first impression in their minds. And first impressions count. A lot.

You want it to be positive, given that it can help you look sharp, professional, and ready to conduct business. Many prospective clients will make up their minds about you and your company upon visiting your office for the first time.

So, how can you provide the right first impression and take your business to new heights?

Know What’s Wrong

Knowing what can deter clients from choosing your company is important, as it can help you determine what is not working and needs to change. Several factors can give a negative idea of your business, such as poorly dressed staff, lack of natural light, dated décor and messy spaces. Make sure to conduct an analysis of your office space before jumping into a remodelling project!


Your Office Needs to Reflect Your Business

One of the most crucial elements when it comes to office space is whether it looks appropriate for what you do. If you’re a forward-thinking art studio or architecture company, you want the layout and decorations to reflect that. After all, few things are worse than a boring-looking creative agency!

The same goes for law firms and other more ‘conservative’ environments. Too much creativity can make clients feel uncomfortable, as law offices should typically convey feelings of professionalism, confidence, and efficiency instead. This is the reason many offices opt for a traditional design with dark woods.


Avoid Worn-Down Spaces

It goes without saying, but if your office looks disorganised or dilapidated, with paint chipping off the walls or cracks on the ceiling, you are not exuding the level of professionalism you wish for… So, make sure you are projecting the right image by keeping your office tidy and in good condition. And pristine. Dirty premises can give prospective clients the wrong impression!

The Right Location Matters

Your office needs to be accessible to customers and employees alike, as being prestigious might not be enough to make a great first impression. If your business is ‘out of the way’ and employees have a long commute to work, they’re more likely to be unhappy – which can be reflected in the overall morale when you have client visits.

In addition, think about how potential customers would prefer to be able to reach you easily instead of having to travel long distances to visit your office.

The expression ‘good neighbourhood’ is subjective at many levels, given that what is better in a client’s mind might not be great in another’s. However, it is still important you choose a location where you can be proud of to conduct business.


Your office needs to give the right first impression, so make sure that you keep it in top notch condition! Also, the interior design needs to reflect what you do, so make sure that you decorate with your business in mind. Prideview Properties can help you get the perfect office for your business, so please don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more today!



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